Futurology Self Post Day

What we hope to see from this is an increase in quality and in depth discussion in the subreddit. Many subreddits like /r/Music have self-post only day, we also had a self post only day as an experiment last monday. Images and alike by now have advantages over text submissions because they are easily viewed and upvoted - with a self post only day they have the right environment to be able to kick of some nice in-depth discussions.

Would you like self-post only days ? Regular days in which we restrict /r/Futurology to allow text posts only to encourage discussion & quality. *

Would you instead like to have a new futurology subreddit for self-posts only: /r/FuturistDebate ? *

How often do you want the self-post day to occur ? *

Suppose you have a good link to share but it's self-post only day so you can't post it, what will you do? *

Anything else you want to tell us ?

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